Welcome to Decor’dent Living

Who We Are

Décor-dent Living is a privately owned, proudly South African company with favourable BEE status who currently concentrates on the local market but will eventually expand to foreign markets as well. Ownership is held by Warda Albertyn as the principle member who has a wealth of experience in the décor and home –improvement industries. We are situated centrally between Northern and Southern Cape Town. The company’s core motivational factor is the need and desire for the deliverance of good quality and personalised service.

What We Do

It is our aim to become an establishment known for its professionalism. We want people to be enthused by our ability to provide a better lifestyle for all. We understand the need for a better quality of living and believe that this starts at home. In an ever-increasing economy, like South Africa, people struggle to work through their itinerary let alone find time to improve their lifestyle at home. Many people intend making alterations or redecorating their homes but just can’t find the time to do so. This is where our services will take full effect. We will take the load off their shoulders and provide them with a through service. We will integrate with their lifestyle by moulding our services around their available time. Start and finish the project with only their input and approval. Arrange Finance for potential clients when and where necessary. We are confident that we are able to make a unique contribution toward the upliftment of clients and add value to their lifestyle - after-all - home is where the heart is.

We pride ourselves with values such as:

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Quality of service
  • Quality of product
  • Responsibility
  • Empowerment
  • Confidence

Décor-dent Living is a Cape Town based service providing company who serves the home owners, property developers, estate agents and architectural industries. We consider ourselves specialists in the field of home improvement and interior design and pride ourselves in the offering and deliverance of excellent, personalized service and good quality products.

Décor-dent Living is a privately owned, proudly South African company, owned by Warda Albertyn who has a wealth of experience in the décor and home-improvement industry.

Décor-dent Living offers:

• Your one-stop shop offering a full range of services to cater for all your home improvement needs.
• Tranquil showroom, exhibiting a full range of complimentary home décor accessories
• On site assessment and consultations
• Dedicated project managers assigned to each project
• Quality products at affordable prices
• Professional, friendly service