Welcome to Decor’dent Living


Décor-dent Living is a Cape Town based Service providing company who serves the home owners, property developers, estate agents and architectural industries. It intends to capitalise on the rapidly growing South African economy as well as the boom in the building and property development sectors.

Our Goal

We currently outsource certain labour aspects of our business, which creates job opportunities for small and medium businesses, which also enables them to appoint or employ previously disadvantaged citizens. The companies Short Term Goal is and current operating structure is that we provide all home décor and renovation requirements. This includes window coverings, kitchen designs, flooring, painting, lighting, burglar bars & gates, etc. In this manner, we are able to offer a diverse range of products and monopolise the industry by catering to most major home improvement needs. These services are geared at a broad consumer base, which includes private and business sectors.

What We offer

We consider ourselves specialists in the field of home improvement and interior design and pride ourselves in the offering and deliverance of excellent, personalised service and good quality products. It is our intention to integrate with property developers and architects, enabling us to offer a unique form of excellence and style to future and current homeowners. Not-with-standing the fact that the South African business sector is on the rising and it is a known fact that appearance and image is one of the most important factors to consider when it comes to businesses. Our responsibility as project managers is to take the clients design goals and utilize our skills and resources to exceed expectations for service, value, functionality and beauty. It is this gap, which we have recognised as a niche market where our “INTEGRATING” plan will take full effect. We, together with operators i.e. Architects, etc., are able to offer a thorough service where future developers benefit in having one service provider offering a full service and peace of mind.

Our Mission

Market research shows a higher percentage of unemployment for our future leaders, being our youth of today. The South African Government has introduced a programme, which is targeted at developing small and medium businesses enabling them to employ previously disadvantaged South Africans. The focus of this programme is aimed at securing job opportunities for South African youth, ensuring stabilisation and work force for the already rapidly growing economy. It is in lieu of the above that we intend to operate on the basis of empowerment. We intend to generate revenue, which inevitably boosts the economy, but, more importantly, is a means of job creation and boosting SME business by sub-contracting certain labour aspects.